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Faces Of Codex

Healthy skin that’s also healthy for the planet.

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The First Skincare Line With 'Nutrition Labels'

When our CEO, Barb Paldus’ young son developed a skin allergy, she got frustrated with the lack of transparency around product testing and ingredients.

As a biotech innovator and entrepreneur, Barb then created, Codex Labs, the first sustainable and clinically-proven skincare line with “nutrition labels” because “customers deserve to know.”

Guiding Principles


We’re nerds dedicated to solving skin concerns with real science and data


From seed to your skin, we exceed EU standards and 3rd party certifications.


We put the environment and our customers’ health and satisfaction first

Image of Dr. Barbara Paldus, CEO of Codex Labs sitting down and looking into the camera.

“Our patents represent more than just legal documents; they are symbols of our dedication to innovation, quality, and the protection of our customers from imitation, serving as the pillars that uphold our promise to deliver only the best.”

- Barbara Paldus, CEO