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DermNET™ Portal is the first integrative telehealth platform for skin-gut-brain professionals.

Dysbiosis graphic showing many issues with the microbiome.

Our vision is to:

1. Empower integrative dermatology with skin-gut-brain at-home diagnostics & solutions that support the skin-gut microbiomes

2. Re-imagine OTC solutions for acne, eczema, psoriasis & rosacea with a microbiome-friendly, plant-based biotech approach

Our mission is to bring affordable, personalized dermatology solutions to anyone with a skin condition so they can live a healthy, active, and happy life

Calling All Practitioners

We are seeking dermatologists, naturopathic doctors, dermatology physician assistants, DNA counsellors, nutritionists, and accredited traditional medicine professionals to join our community and to help enrich our portal.


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1. Access our at-home DECODE diagnostics

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2. Quantify acne with DermSCORE®AI

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3. Schedule patient video/chats

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4. Write prescriptions

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5. Digitize all notes, reports and billing

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You can also easily connect with other physicians and professionals with
Codex Labs experience for a more integrative patient management.