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Bottles of Antu Brightening Eye Cream and Antu Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Soothe Irritated Skin & Fight Inflammaging with Antü

Get summer radiant with NEW Brightening Eye Cream & Refreshing Gel Cleanser


Summer is officially here and so is our anticipated third launch in our Antü series! Meet Brightening Eye Cream and Refreshing Gel Cleanser designed to soothe and illuminate skin on contact—especially on hot summer days. Designed to round out your clinically effective regimen to soothe irritated skin and bounce back from the effects of sun, our novel, proprietary M3™ antioxidant blend goes to work to repair and defend the skin barrier from oxidative stress that can cause skin inflammation.


What Is Skin Inflammation


Skin inflammation is defined as the physical manifestation of the body’s immune system attempting to defend and repair itself in response to some sort of aggression. As a result, the skin becomes inflamed, red, dry, itchy and painful to the touch. Environmental aggressors such as UV radiation and air pollution can damage the skin’s barrier and impacts its natural protective function leaving your skin damaged and less able to fight these aggressors. This is called inflammaging. 


A Few Causes of Skin Inflammation


Exposure to UV radiation, environmental pollution, and stressors can trigger the body’s immune system and cause inflammation. Unfortunately, sun rays and urban pollution cause harmful free radicals on the surface of the skin which lead to skin damage and impair your skin barrier’s natural functioning—hello, sunburns!


The Antü Collection: Your Go-to Skin Barrier & Inflammaging Treatment


The entire Antü Collection of inflammaging skincare protects, restores and works to protect and repair an inflamed skin barrier while reducing reactive oxidative stress from pollution and UV exposure. Our new Brightening Eye Cream and Refreshing Gel Cleanser work to supercharge relief from inflammaging by:


  1. Lessening the appearance of temporary redness
  2. Calming the skin on contact
  3. Caressing the skin with a gentle veil of moisture
  4. Alleviating discomfort and soothing inflamed skin 
  5. Promoting even skin tone
  6. Renewing for fresher, more radiant complexion


How Antü Works


Antü Brightening Eye Cream and Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser take a multi-tiered approach to combat and soothe irritated skin as a preventative oxidative stress duo.


Patent-pending AntüComplex™ soothes irritation and reduces reactive oxidative stress, especially from sun exposure, pollution, and inflammaging.


The entire Antü Collection protects, restores and offers skin barrier protection while reducing reactive oxidative stress from pollution and UV exposure. That’s why we designed our potent Antü formulation containing Patagonian Maqui, Matico and Murtilla to soothe irritation and allow sensitized skin to recover from inflammaging.



Your ‘Script For Summer Skin’

Getting married? Want more radiant skin in general?

Begin using our Antü Collection to pep-up skin, hydrate, brighten and counteract UV rays and environmental aggressors that can dull and irritate your skin. We especially love it on honeymoons as it works to recover your complexion from lazy days on the beach!



Your Protocol For Summer Ready Skin 


Antü Brightening Eye Cream and Refreshing Gel Cleanser work together with the rest of the collection by counteracting red, irritated skin, restoring the microbiome, and accelerating skin recovery time from sun damage. We recommend using the entire Antü synergistically for maximum anti-inflammaging benefits!


Antü Refreshing Gel Cleanser

Wash away the day

Our new invigorating gentle gel cleanser preserves the skin barrier and helps remove particulate matter pollutants. Made with our skin-loving potent M3™ formula known it’s clinical ability to soothe and restore from inflammaging, Quillay to clean and help maintain the skin’s moisture balance, and Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate to protect the skin from drying and retain moisture.

This refreshing gel cleanser is clinically proven to smooth, protect and balance (and even reduce oiliness) without drying. Use daily to give your dull, dry skin a boost of hydration. Works great to soften, smooth, plump, and tend to flaky skin. We love adding warm water and applying it to our skin as part of refreshing daily or nighttime routine.

Antü Brightening Eye Cream

Bye, bye puffy eye bags

Our new lightweight cream protects the skin barrier and fights under-eye puffiness while brightening and rehydrating. Clinically proven to firm, smooth, and reduce dark eye circles with our potent AntüComplex™ (our M3™ blend with hyaluronic acid)—a must for the undereye!

We love the hydration it provides under the eye and how it evens primes for concealer application. Use it to alleviate environmentally induced skin damage with our signature anti-inflammaging benefits! Antü Brightening eye cream is designed for all skin types and is especially great for dull, dry, uneven skin. We love storing this restorative eye cream in the fridge for added dose of brightening and cooling—especially after fun in the sun.

Want to know more about the skin barrier and inflammaging? Read what causes it and how our Antu Collection can help you to combat it here.

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