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Meet The New Antü Heroes: Our Skin Barrier Repair System

Introducing Our Skin Barrier Repair Heros

We’re thrilled to launch two new exciting additions to the Antü Collection. Say hello to Brightening Serum and Radiance Mist—our skin barrier repair heroes designed to instantly restore, invigorate, and add further barrier protection to your daily routine. Both products also work to improve the skin microbiome, which further strengthens the skin’s barrier and overall health.

As you know, both the Bia range (barrier creams and oils for moisture retention) and the Antü range (barrier creams for particulates and chemical free radicals in pollution) focus on revolutionary breakthroughs in skin barrier repair and defense.

At Codex Beauty Labs, we pride ourselves on protecting and fortifying the skin’s barrier function against the harmful effects of oxidative stress, the loss of critical hydration, UV exposure, mechanical stress (mask wearing), and airborne particulate matter pollutants by lowering your exposome* (everything your skin is exposed to throughout your lifetime).
*Suggested Reading: Why Exposome Is The Next Skincare Buzzword To Pay Attention To. (Beauty Independent)

Designed to protect, strengthen, and restore the skin barrier, the AntüComplex™ formula focuses on reducing inflammation and damage caused by sun exposure and environmental pollution.

The complete Antü range is designed to reduce inflammation, hydrate, and allow the skin to remodel itself. Our botanical technology, created in nature and perfected by science, is precisely the kind of care your complexion needs for repair, rejuvenation and protection against environmental aggressors.

Both of our latest products contain AntüComplex™, a powerful antioxidant mix of M3™ and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, soothe, calm and alleviate redness. M3™ is a novel, proprietary blend of Patagonian Maqui, Matico and Murtilla, known for their ability to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. 

Each product is also made with Lactobacillus, a post-biotic found in fermented foods and supplements. It’s used as an emollient for skin to retain moisture and to help improve the skin microbiome.

Primed for the warmer months ahead, our soothing and rejuvenating Antü Brightening Serum is clinically proven to rehydrate, firm, and redensity (redensify) your skin.

To further ensure a healthy skin barrier, our Radiance Mist works in tandem with our Brightening Serum to hydrate, refine, refresh, and help your skin stay resilient against outside stressors. It's necessary to guard against a weakened skin barrier as it allows irritants to cause inflammaging and premature aging.

Our Antü range can deliver antioxidants both to the surface of the skin where they neutralize free radicals before they contact the skin, AND deliver antioxidants into the skin to help reduce inflammation. Our innovative Efficacy Panels on each package demonstrate our complete clinical findings for your shopping confidence, as each product is optimized for a different function. The complete regime covers all of your skin barrier repair needs.

Antü Brightening Serum

Protects, plumps + firms

Protects and firms while smoothing away lines with Hibiscus and soothing Cherimoya. This brightening serum adds supple moisture and is clinically proven to decrease transepidermal water loss.

Antü Radiance Mist

Invigorates, hydrates + smooths

Rehydrate and refine pores in an instant! Smoothen out your complexion with our all-purpose, refreshing mist to add a dewy glow under or over makeup—or wear alone to round out your invigorating Antü routine. It’s a travel essential, especially for long haul flights! We love storing it in a beauty fridge for a cool treat when we get home from a day out in nature!

Give our latest arrivals a try to experience the benefits of skin barrier repair, protection, and recovery—while also replenishing your complexion with game-changing, balanced hydration.

As a crucial component of the skin barrier, the skin microbiome is an important factor when it comes to skin barrier integrity. It’s a key player in maintaining healthy skin overall. Learn more about the importance of the skin microbiome and how to support it here.

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