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Nourishing & Protecting Mom’s Skin

Gifts she’ll love this Mother’s Day

In honor of all the lucky women you get to call ‘mom’ we’ve compiled a trusty list of pampering favorites to spoil the special ladies in your life—including yourself! When it comes to the science of skincare, we believe in doing the hard thing over the easy thing—to consistently deliver tried and true results. So what better time of year than Mother’s Day to gift clinically proven skincare to soothe, hydrate, brighten and protect this Mother’s Day and beyond!

Antü Brightening Serum

Our newly launched, instant bestseller, Antü Brightening Serum is the ultimate skin barrier defender—helping skin recover from exposome (all the environmental exposure our skin is subject to throughout our lifetime). Clinically proven to soothe and rejuvenate, our advanced brightening serum hydrates, firms, and re-densifies to seal in moisture and decrease trans-epidermal water loss. Give the gift of advanced beauty protection by fighting aging triggers like solar rays, air pollution, and airborne contaminants.

Antü Radiance Mist

A fantastic way to de-stress and immediately rehydrate her skin for a glowing complexion. Use our pore-refining Antü Radiance Mist to cool and soften on contact—by using daily, before or after makeup. Beauty Tip: We love layering over makeup for extra radiance and chilling our bottle in a beauty fridge for the ultimate spa-like treat.

Antü Brightening Night Cream

For fans of pampering overnight, give our Antü Brightening Night Cream a try. Apply this nourishing bedtime beauty booster to help counteract daily pollutants and soak her complexion in radiant hydration with the help of AntüComplex™. Wake up to softened, more evenly toned skin and hack the look of 8 hours of sleep.

Earth Day Every Day Bundle

Centered on pampering and giving back, our Earth Day Every Day Bundle “plants it forward” with every kit sold! We use ingredients extracted from wild-harvested biomass, made using biotech processes and believe in recycling raw plant materials and using PEFC-certified packaging cartons to care for our planet as much as we do your skin.

Bia Pamper Care Kit

One of our favorites from the Bia collection, The Bia Pamper Care Kit features our limited-edition cold-pressed Heart Soap, Bia Invigorating Soap, and cult-favorite Bia Skin Superfood for pampering sessions she’ll enjoy for months to come.

We devote ourselves in caring for mom’s skin as much as we do in caring for Mother Earth. We welcome your questions to learn more about our products and get to know our entire collection of solution-oriented products for treating skin all-year round. Feel free to follow us to score updates on exciting new launches ahead.

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