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Banish Blemishes, Boost Happiness

Unveil Clearer Skin and Confidence with SHAANT Spot Hero

  • Acne
  • Spot Treatment

Our daily pimple spot treatment helps reduce redness and shrink/dry out blemishes. It is clinically proven to significantly reduce lesion area as well as redness and pigmentation contrast in 24 hours. Shaant Spot Hero is designed for oily, acneic skin.

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Achieve Clearer Skin with Shaant Spot Hero

Discover the swift efficacy of Shaant Spot Hero, our daily treatment specifically designed to combat inflammatory acne. With a 24-hour clinical study showing a 20% decrease in spot size and a 59% improvement in color lightening, this formula, featuring 5% Colloidal Sulphur, ShaantComplex®, and a blend of alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, effectively reduces redness, shrinks blemishes, and lightens pigmentation for oily, acne-prone skin. Safe and gentle, 95% of users reported no burning or itching, making it a reliable solution for clearer, healthier-looking skin.






S.A.F.E Approved

Key Actives


A proprietary blend that soothes the skin, reducing redness & irritation while enhancing healing

5% Colloidal Sulphur

Targets acne-causing bacteria & excess oil, reducing inflammation & preventing breakouts

Alpha-hydroxy Fruit acids

Exfoliate dead skin cells, promoting cell renewal & improving skin texture & tone