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We Know our Products Work—Here’s Why

The beauty industry should be more regulated. But until that happens, certifications—those seals, marks and symbols you see on our products—matter a lot. Here’s a look at what Codex Beauty stands behind.


Why are certifications such a big deal anyway? 

 At Codex Beauty, independent certifications are a fundamental part of our brand transparency—and trust with you. They’re crucial for verifying that our products are high quality, safe and actually deliver on their claims.


Not all certifications are created equal—and carry the same weight.

 At Codex Beauty, we believe in quality over quantity. After detailed research, we only applied to certification programs that challenge brands to comply with the very strictest standards—and are assessed by third-party organizations.


Codex Beauty carries some of the most important seals in the industry.

 The EWG VERIFIED™ mark of approval means the ingredients used in a product are easily identified as free of EWG’s chemicals of concern and meet strictest standards in the industry for consumer health. In the Bia Collection, Bia Day Cream, Bia Skin Superfood, Bia Eye Gel Cream and Bia Facial Oil carry this distinction.

 Ecocert COSMOS Organic is a rigorous seal that demonstrates commitment to many aspects of organic practices. All five products in the Bia Collection, including the Bia Exfoliating Wash, Bia Day Cream, Bia Skin Superfood, Bia Eye Gel Cream and Bia Facial Oil have been certified.

 Additionally, Codex Beauty packaging material is in line with the Carbon Footprint Standard (CO2 emission assessed product). 


This is only the beginning. 

It can take anywhere from three months to a year to receive certifications. Often times many aspects are analyzed—from ingredients to sub-suppliers’ raw materials and their processing methods. For a young brand like Codex Beauty, it’s somewhat unusual to earn multiple certifications so early on. As scientists and innovators, this is something we’re extremely proud of.

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