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What Is Skin?

Skin serves two critically important functions. First and foremost, it’s the body’s line of defense, a physical shield, between the outside world and the internal organs. The healthier the skin, the better able it is at protecting the body. The other, equally important, function of skin is to help regulate certain crucial functions, such as moisture retention, internal temperature regulation and vitamin D production.


While an overall lifestyle—grounded in a balanced diet, exercise and mindfulness—creates a strong foundation for healthy skin, an effective daily skincare routine is also vital for keeping it looking and feeling its best.  


The basics of this routine revolve around cleansing with gentle methods; moisturizing to seal in hydration and prevent natural water loss; and protecting from oxidative stress caused by harmful UV rays, pollution and the natural aging process. To ensure an effective routine, consider your specific skin needs when selecting products.


To help consumers find the best options for keeping skin balanced and healthy, we developed the “Codex Labs Code.This set of rigorous, innovative principles guides everything we do and ultimately ensures that our science-driven formulas are clean and clinically tested on human volunteers for both safety and efficacy.

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