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A before and after image  a baby with skin issues on its scalp.

Your steriod-free, microbiome friendly solution for eczema prone skin.

Guarantee Badges of certifications

5 reasons to choose Codex Labs for your skincare

Before and after treatment images of a hand with a skin issue.


Clinically Proven to Work

Our claims are not just fluff, they’re facts. We conduct clinical tests and publish the data to prove how our products perform. You’ll see real results in your skin.

  • Superfood - 100% of test subjects experienced a 40% decrease in skin flakiness at 4 weeks.
  • Nourishing Oil - 100% of test subjects experienced a 43% decrease in skin flakiness at 4 weeks.
  • Unscented Soap - 45% Of test subjects experienced no change in hydration after 4 weeks (non-drying).
Codex Bia Superfood bottle in a bed of flowers.



Never choose between results and the safety. The Dry or Sensitive Skin Soothing Set is safe for long-term use and doesn’t lose effectiveness over time.

A row of guarantee badges, including microbiome friendly, vegan, organic and carbon footprint.
Dr. Sivamani in a white lab coat.


Dermatologist & NEA Approved

Dermatologists agree that Codex Labs goes a step beyond - hypoallergenic, fragrance free, clinically researched, microbiome friendly, and designed to soothe dry, itchy, flaky skin. It is also approved by the National Eczema Association.

National Eczema Association Accepted Badge
A mother with her baby on a bed smiling.


Safe For Children and Adults

Yes – it’s so safe, you can eat it.   Which is important because little fingers always end up in little mouths. 

Woman using facial cream on her face looking to her side.


Try Risk Free


We think you'll love Codex Labs. If you don't for any reason reach out to us within 60 days and we'll make it right.

People All Over the USA Are Loving Codex labs...


"Absolutely LOVE this line and this specific product. I live in a place with very cold dry winters and this line has greatly reduced seasonal dryness."

-Michelle R., Verified Buyer


"I adore these products—so hydrating and nourishing. I can tell a big difference in my skin."

-Natalie S., Verified Buyer


"I have extremely sensitive skin and can’t handle scents of any kind. The Bia soap is fabulous! It doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s truly unscented. I love it!!!"

-Heather H., Verified Buyer


"This is definitely must-have product for me. Really help me with my eczema on my face, especially with dryness and redness. Thank you!"

-Barbara K., Verified Buyer


"I’ve been using this on problem areas elbows and heels and in a matter of days my skin has become soft and smooth. Can’t recommend this highly enough."

- Angie P., Verified Buyer


"I bought it for my 10 months old son, he had eczema on his face and nothing helped for few months except for corticoids. Bia cream and oil helped in 3 days! Very happy that we found it, thank you for excellent product. I use it on my face when i feel dry and its very nice feeling on skin. Love it ❤️"

- Canda S., Verified Buyer

Shop the solution

Dry or sensitive skin soothing set on a white background.


Soothe dryness, itch and irritation with this skincare set for sensitive skin. Gently cleanse without stripping with our soap, deeply hydrate and help shed dead skin layers with our skin superfood, and lastly restore your skin barrier and soften with our nourishing oil. Perfect for sensitive or eczema-prone skin.


Bia skin superfood on a white background.


Quench parched skin and retain moisture with our award-winning, signature hydration hero.

Bia facial oil on a white background.


Lock in moisture, increase suppleness, and zap away flaky skin on contact with our decadent dry oil designed to boost hydration.

Unscented soap on a white background.


Comfort sensitive skin in fragrance-free, moisturizing Shea Butter to protect and soften without irritation.