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Plant-powered Biotech

Codex Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting the microbiome, and pioneering products having clinically proven, meaningful skincare benefits.  

Our mission is to blend ethnobotany and genetics with biotech innovation, to create a new standard in dermo-cosmetics and OTC: plant-based biotech beauty.

Headshot image of Dr. Barbara Paldus in a leather jacket.

Our Founding Story

Dr. Barbara Paldus

Canadian-born of Czech parents, raised in both Europe and Canada, fluent in five languages with a Ph.D. from Stanford University (U.S.), Dr. Barbara Paldus considers herself a global citizen. As a scientist, she believes in data and biotechnology. Barb holds over 40 US patents and is an investor and serial entrepreneur, having started companies like Picarro (greenhouse gas detection for climate change) and Finesse Solutions (biotechnology equipment for vaccines, cancer therapeutics and cell therapy).

Codex Labs was conceived with dermatologists and ethnobotanists to deliver affordable, high-efficacy skincare that supports the microbiome and delivers the healthiest of skin, without sacrificing sustainability. From formulation to packaging, the company created a line that puts the plant-power back in your hands—with the clinical results to back it up.

Our Code of Conduct

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Proven Efficacy

Our claims are not just fluff, they’re facts. We conduct clinical tests and publish the data to prove how our products perform. You’ll see real results in your skin.

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Uncompromising Sustainability

We minimize the environmental impact of every aspect of our operation.  We are focused on being carbon neutral, cleaning plastic in the ocean, and protecting biodiversity.

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International Compliance

Every country has their own cosmetics laws. We comply with those regulations and register with governmental health authorities wherever we are sold.

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Patented Formulations

Our plant-based biotech complexes are not only patented,  they’re disruptive: hydration (BiaComplex™), skin barrier protection (AntuComplex™) and our food-grade preservation (PreservX™).  We innovate skincare breakthroughs.

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Controlled Supply Chain

We know what’s in every tube, literally. We control the complete supply chain — from sustainable wild harvesting through pharma-grade clean processes and our airless packaging — to achieve the highest quality possible.

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ISO 22716 Certified Manufacturing

We apply current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to our production process to create consistent high quality and performance as well as prevent contamination.

Our Team


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