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Illustrated image of the flower Bog Myrtle

Ingredient of the Month: Bog Myrtle

In this regular series, Tracey Ryan, the master formulator behind Bia, enlightens us with her expert knowledge of the plant kingdom and how botanicals can benefit our skin.   


Bog Myrtle or Sweet Gale 


Latin name:  

Myrica gale 


Native to:  

Acidic peat bogs in northern and western Europe, as well as northern parts of North America 


Key nutrients:  

Myrtenol, a resinous substance that gives off a pleasant aroma and functions as a natural insect repellentThe leaves also contain an essential oil rich in various terpenesor organic compoundssuch as alpha-pinene, 1, 8 cineol, myrcene, and limonene.  


Essential benefits: 

Its plant constituents have anti-inflammatory benefits and can help reduce redness and provide antioxidant protection.  


Little known details:  

Bog myrtle grows best in damp peaty soils typical of upland acidic bogs where nitrogen levels are low. In fact, it can fix atmospheric nitrogen from the air, turning this chemical element into organic compounds for the soil, which benefits the earth. Bog Myrtle is one of the few plants capable of this apart from members of the pea family (fabaceae).  


Where to find it:  

Bia Facial Oil helps smooth and even out skin with this healing botanical.  

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